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Bruno Ingemann, artistic research in visual memory

I see myself working in the field of art, but I have no intention to exhibit my work in commercial galleries and I have no need to sell my works. I just want to make my investigation in visual memory publicly accessible. Like on this website, but it can also be in physical rooms.
Born 1945 I have been working with pictures of many kinds in my professional life as a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator, communication planner and researcher in a variety of private businesses and public institutions and as a scholar and teacher in universities.

Exhibitions has been presented in Denmark (1963-2011):

(1963) Participating in a group exhibition of students from the art academy with woodcuts at the Art Society in Grenaa.

(1964) Solo exhibition – Gallery Kaage, Horsens; Exhibition of 20 lino and woodcuts in black and white and colour.

(1965) Solo exhibition at the high school of Horsens in august with 30 lino and woodcuts.

(1965) Participating in a group exhibition celebrating the jubilee of the Danish experimental poetry and visual art magazine »Hvedekorn« in the summer at the gallery of Superlove, Copenhagen.

(1970) »Some information about the earth we all lives on«– with the environmental activist group NOAH, at the Town Hall of Copenhagen. A huge exhibition with more than 30 involved participants.

(1972-74) Amager Common 1972 – a temporary and advocating exhibition of 20 chipboards with black and white photographs and text about the Romani in Denmark and their circumstances. Travelling around at forty libraries in Denmark.

(1986) His masters voice. The exhibition handbook model exhibition– project for a large exhibition about the media and media use. The project is presented and discussed in detail as an example on the work process of an exhibition in the book: The Exhibition Handbook.

(1988) Into the Media. An introduction to education – A presentation of seventeen various educations within a broad range of media at The Round Tower in Copenhagen from January 9 to 31.

(1990-92) Biotechnology – A travelling poster-exhibition about a hot issue presented by the Danish Board of Technology. The exhibition consisting of eight posters were travelling around in more than five hundred copies to public libraries and places of study.

(1993) >The Journey< – The opening exhibition of The National Museum of Denmark from June 6 to October 25. Contributing with the installation of the Shaman Tower with the slide show The Journey of the Soul.

(1998-2002) The drifting Sand – in the new exhibition the multi-screen show were telling the history of more than three hundred years of the memory of drifting sand in the Han Herred Nature centre.

(2003- ) Museum: The three Monkeys – is a small collection of the ‘Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil’ – in a changing exhibition on the net.

(2003) Places speaking – speaking places – An exhibition and seminar of six researchers make inquiries in the visual culture of Paris. My contribution was nine huge panels with panorama-photographs from places selected from the location of some McDonald’s restaurants. Presented at Roskilde University November 13 from nine a.m. to three p.m.

(2003) The Model-Exhibition – an apparently 1:10 scale model with small fibre lights and eleven miniature-paintings is a project for the Gallery Clausen in Copenhagen to be expanded with the original painting. The project is turned into a video – and a project presentation.

(2005) Nine Hidden paintings – a solo exhibition of in the local cinema in Hvalsoe from August to October.

(2006) See, 1957 – The Volkswagen of the air – an exhibition and seminar of five researchers make inquiries in the visual culture of the time in 1957. A video-installation reveals the values of the popular magazine for men: Popular Mechanics. Presented at Roskilde University May 4 from nine a.m. to three p.m.

(2009- ) Inquiries into visual memory – is an additive and growing exhibit of projects focusing on unpacking and release of visual memory in private and social memory. Photography and video are central means for the media-artist.

(2010-2012) Becoming a Copenhagener – The activist exhibition, film and events forty years ago: Amager Common 1972 has been included in the special exhibition focuses on immigration to Copenhagen, as the catalyst of, and pre-condition for, the town's growth and change. Museum of Copenhagen November 19, 2010 - December 31, 2012.