This is a growing body of projects called Discours_Projects. They are very diverse and it may difficult to find the common traits. The first three that will be presented here is the Discours_Project [1] - Painting Memory – that is a selection of paintings that is more that just an art exhibition. The selection is curated focusing on memory of times passed trying to formulate and re-formulate an understanding and narratives that connects the present time with the 50s or even back to the 30s. This is framed by what I had called The TransVisual meaning construction: looking into the mediated world and the visual event in order to give attention and power to the selected material or situation and reveal more than the referential potential and open up for situated and cognitive experiences.

The second project presented is the Discours_Project [2] – The Roma’s in the waste disposal site 1972. This project consist of a mixture of media and activities: 16 mm documentary film; an photographic exhibition; television; poster; hand-outs; political meetings; presentations; e.g. This project is like Russian babushka dolls: a documentary film and an exhibition in 1972 is circumscribed by a meeting with political discussion, which is circumscribed by a new exhibition focused on ‘Becoming a Copenhagener’ at the Museum of Copenhagen 2010. This is a story of immigrants, rejection, acceptance: Amager Common and the Romani.

The third project is the Discours_Project [3] - Drifting Sand - memory of three hundred years - a multi-screen interpretation. Here the media-artist was given the opportunity to create a multi-screen show about the history of the drifting sand through three hundred years. It was not the factual story that should be told in a documentary way but as the client explicitly said it was the media-artists task to produce a  “... poetic and evocative interpretation of the cultural history of the drifting sand through more than 300 years.”

- In a broader perspective these projects and others to come – are going into some kind of discourse that creates, transforms and breaks on one another. These transformations can take place in some kind of public communication or sphere or more modest be a reaction on utterances in more private spheres.
The mediation will often be more complex (like the Discours_Project [2] – The Romani) or more focused like the acrylic paintings working on memory and transformation (like the Discours_Project [1] – Painting Memory).
A fourth trait will appear in the focus on the specific site the projects takes place on or in (like the Discours_Project [3] - Drifting Sand - memory of three hundred years - a multi-screen interpretation).

The fourth project is the exhibition Speaking places, places speaking presented at a small exhibition room at the Roskilde University in relation to a research seminar dealing with gazes on the specific site of Paris trying to reveal more than the ordinary from a popular site.
The whole project had generated sixteen large photographs but for this exhibition, only seven of them were selected to present the variety of the basic idea namely what can be called Parisian or French? This quest for identity was contrasted to the photographic document of the 1950ties and the golden age of after-war epoch.

This text will be developed gradually as the body of projects grow. For the moment nearly ten projects are waiting to be processed.

October 2011.