Discours_Project [2]:

The memory of the event – the Romani on display


The Exhibition (1972)

When asked whether the film could be used in the 2010 exhibition in the Museum of Copenhagen, I remembered that the original exhibition from 1972 maybe still existed.

I walked into a cellar where I have not been since two orange boxes were placed there in maybe 1974 when the temporary exhibition was taken out of circulation after having been presented in forty libraries all over Denmark.

There they were. The two orange wooden transportation boxes that were designed especially for the 20 black chipboards.

The motive for the exhibition is the site of Amager Common and the life of the gipsies at the time in the summer around the water post. The black and white photo exhibition was extended by various texts. One kind of text was written by the activist group and also supplemented by photocopies from the newspapers.

20 chipboard in the format of 60 x 70 cm. Distributed by the Danish Organization of Libraries 1973-1974. The activist group was extended with Jens Frederiksen in relation to the exhibition.











A deep analysis of the creative process in the production of this exhibition will appear in Ingemann, Bruno (2012): Present on Site. Transforming Exhibitions and Museums, Lejre: VisualMemory Press.