Discours_Project [6]:

The Covered Gaze:



The media-artist came up with an idea: how to dig into something that is covered or hidden by the process of producing images. He ended up with a proposal for an exhibition that where placed in a rather traditional and small exhibition gallery in Copenhagen called Gallery Clausen.
He wanted to play with the scale of the exhibition.

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The model as 1:10?

Models compare a complex thing with something that has been stripped down to its essential qualities, leaving out the trivial details, in order to reduce it to a manageable form.
The model also creates a special bodily experience for the spectator through is small-scale but also the bodily experience of walking around the model and by this walk-around the spectator led the narrative become visible.

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Sketch of the Model-Exhibition

The curating and hanging

The structural idea of the ModelExhibition and the 1:1 exhibition developed over time. In this process one can see that the media-artist had many different inspirations and came up with many proposals for the form but also of technical solutions like when he found the small fiber light. Parallel to the development of the ModelExhibition he was struggling with the paintings. His was not painting specifically to the ModelExhibition so he just paints. Paint. Paint. And the time he was going to go into the curator-mood he had to select among seventy large paintings.

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- a spectators view

This video shows how a spectator chose to walk around the Model Exhibition. How he stops in the walk-around and focuses on details in the picture and sometimes goes back to look on an earlier picture. The visuals are combined with a constructed sound that adds traces of sound to the layers of traces from the visual culture.

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The Eleven Paintings

Follow the road – Willy.
The blackbird meets the head of the black woman from the fifties.
Under the sky you are always alone.
The birds and the fire rope of Hans Christian Andersen.
Hopalong Cassidy – and the figures.
Hopalong Cassidy – catches and is captured.
Willy search in the rook – where are the birds flying?
Hopalong Cassidy – meets the triangle in the circle under water.

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