Discourse_Project [7]:

The workshop:

Sculpture of Memory



The process of visualization

Fifty years later he came to think about what he remembers as happy hours working in the workshop, and he realised that it was difficult for him to remember and visualise the room and the time. First, he went back to the location. But the house had changed and was rebuilt and the annex building with the small workshop room had been knocked down.

Sitting in his studio he then tried to make a drawing from memory of his workshop in the fifties but he was not happy with the outcome. The successful part was the mood and ambiance created by the black soft crayon creating the strong contrast of light and darkness, but when drawing he realised that there was something totally wrong with the feeling of size and material.

He dropped the idea of creating the mood – and became more factual. He started to make a plan drawing to determine where there had been two brick walls plastered and then painted white, where two walls were trounced of raw wooden walls. The ceiling was made of the same material. Everything was old, soiled from the use of the room as a place for coal.

He decided to use the plan drawing as if it was the real thing that had to be constructed. He was thinking of this process that he was going into, as creating a »sculpture of memory«.