Discourse_Project [7]:

The workshop:

Sculpture of Memory



The sculpture of the workshop

The sculpture was to be constructed in wood and cardboard in a 1:10 size. He wrote in his notebook:

This work process reveals what I will call the transvisual analysis of memory. The memory work is helped by the transvisual action of making the sculpture, not as a replica of reality in 1957 but as a tool in the memory work. Therefore I chose to make the outside of the ‘building’ in a raw manner so that one can see the cuts of the compass saw and the screws. And the non-illusionist expression is stressed by my choice of painting the sculpture with the neutral 30% grey colour. Do not be seduced.

What is more deliberately executed is the interior of the room. The two most important elements are the door from where the only light is coming into the rather dark room – and the small table where as a boy I was standing making my objects. The model shows a dark hole. The model develops the remembrance of the smell of coal and the many old hanging cobwebs.

He remembered that the table was poorly made. He had used three pieces of wood of different thickness and size, different painting and they were nailed together and to the wooden wall so that the table was slanting. It was useful but not beautiful.