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Inquiries in visual memory



Bruno Ingemann
Archive 1: Inquiries in visual memory

This book is not at book.
This book is publishing as an artistic practice.

This book represents the result of an artistic practice taking place in the last ten years that involved the development and processing of more than thirty individual visual projects. This book explore five themes that, while framed by a short text, remain, most of all, visual:
1. The Border_Projects
2. The Museum_Inside Projects
3. The Release_Projects
4. The Discourse_Projects
5. The Tango_Projects.

Looking and thinking backwards Ingemann sees himself as an artist as maker, user, and thinker of archives. His journey has been an inquiry in visual memory – and thereby a personal investigation on how the personal life are closely connected to critical topics in contemporary social history. Categories in the archive is not factual or timely decided but are also emotional and imaginative constructed to reflect the contradicting and complex images constructed.

Bruno Ingemann (1945) has been working with pictures of many kinds in his professional life as a graphic designer, artist, photographer, illustrator, communication planner and researcher in a variety of private businesses and public institutions and as a university scholar and teacher.



Ingemann, Bruno (2017): Archive 1: Inquiries in visual memory, Lejre: Visual Memory Press. 252 pages, 230 x 200 mm, 452 illustrations, printed in colour.
ISBN: 978-87-995101-3-9

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